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Full Treatment Options

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Fumigation is the main full treatment option for termite treatment and has been in California for decades for treating drywood termites.


Fumigation involves placing a tent over your building or property and pumping in precise amounts of vikane gas that penetrate the most hard to reach areas of your home.  Depending on the infestation a fumigation can take from six hours to a week.

Other Treatment Options

Bora-Care Foaming Treatment

As the video to the left explains, Bora-Care is an all natural and reliable to termite extermination, and can effectively deter the most common species of termites.  Bora-Care is created synergistically between salty borate and Glycol alcohol based solutions, this patent process not only results in the ability of the product to diffuse through the grains of the wood making it impervious from future infestations!  And as stated will last for as long as the wood is in use, that could be a lifetime

Premise Foaming Treatment

Premise is a new material that was developed in Australia used as a non-toxic and non-repellant for subterranean termites.  


Unlike Bora-care Premise works by breaking down the enzyme in the termite so that it's jaws become paralyzed and it can no longer eat.

Note: Note: According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency and The Suppliers label, when this product is used as directed by professionals Altriset does not present a hazard to humans or animals.

Thermal Heat Treatment

Our thermal flow heat treatment is a great option for our partners who have an infestation in their floor, substructure or attic space areas that are inaccessible to other forms of local treatment.  

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Available Termite Treatment Technologies

Borescope Inspection

We use our in house borescope by gradient lens for physical inspection and treatment of your property.


By manuevering the borescope into the voids within the walls to confirm termite colonies and that we have reached the edge of that termite colony for spot treatment methods.

FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging

FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging allows your inspector to see into the walls studs and voids of your property to search for termperature differences and paint an image of where termites (Drywood and Subterranean) tubes are for more accurate spot treatment of your home.


Often times your inspector and treater will be able to see termite movement as clear as day.

Termatrac Termite Sensor

Termatrac is a sort of a sonar technology used for finding and tracking Termites in a given area.  It is capable of listening to their mandibles crunching on wood and as the video describes looks into the moisture content of an area.  

We use Termatrac to try and see if Termites are alive in our Termatrac inspections (contact us for more info!).  We also use the device during your termite treatment in discovered problem areas to see where the termites are hiding in your home!

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