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For over 17 years Ryans has catered to the Southern California Community for lower priced, convenient, and high quality termite treatment.

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Message to Multiplex Owners

Termite infestation for a single property could be a nightmare, more so for a multiplex owner!  You must worry about the lives of your tenant, and how the infestation could hurt your income flow and value of your assets.  


Ryans offers you a no hassle, and quick solution to your termite infestation, that brings no extra headache to your problem.

Long Term Warranty

Multiplexes are complex, and have many possibilities for entry of wood borne pest.  At Ryans, we want you to feel secure after getting your termites evicted which is why we offer one of the best and most all encompassing warranties in the industry.


Depending on the individualized treatment that you recieve you may also discuss with your inspector for a customized warranty and feel secure knowing that your property is protected.

Inspection and Treatment

Imagine one of your tenants discovers that they has an extensive termite infestation and requires a full treatment, you may be worried know that your entire property may now need full treatment also.But that does not mean that every single one of your apartments needs to be fully treated for termites!

After thorough inspection from our experienced inspectors, we can detail and customize a treatment plan for your property depending on extent of damage and infestation.  This lowers your costs and lowers your stress.

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